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Montage from Essential Makeup course
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“I’ve been taking photos for years as a ‘decent amateur’, and also have done a couple of weddings, so I thought I knew roughly what I was doing. What this course did was take the knowledge and skills I already had and make me think about them in really exciting ways. Looking at my homework, I can see how my skills and eye have developed since this course. It’s made me think in a lot more detail about what I’m doing and why, I think if you have any interest at all in photography this is worth it. An intimate time with someone who’s taken some of the most recognisable photos in modern memory is worth every penny!”
Jordan Nicholls
Candid Photography
“Love the course - which is extremely practical. It is broken down in easily digestible blocks with homework assignments you can all do on your own time. Greg's vast amount of work serves as amazing examples, and his tips are priceless. So much more value than other steeped priced courses you'll find online.”
Caroline Vrauwdeunt
Candid Photography
“Well, skillsfaster’s tech support is fast, effective, and extremely kind. They helped me soon solving a problem with my purchase and made me happy.”
Aldo Caraceto
Tech Support
“A very simple yet powerful tutorial. The biggest takeaway for me is how important it is to connect with the person that you’re photographing. For me, I’ve photographed many events and have spent a lot of effort hiding in a corner to capture candid shots. From this tutorial, I’ve come to learn that you can still capture authentic and beautiful moments by connecting with strangers.”
Yeager Anderson Photography
Candid Photography
“The professor is great, skillful and very patient. I repent not to have bought all the make ups when I went to the U”
Clélia Romano
Essential Makeup
“Great Course :) Very Real & Practical - Be Sure To Watch It Over & Over”
Mr Grant Davies
Intelligent Fitness
“I bought the makeup course by Alex Babsky and it's been so good that I've already finished it. 3 hours of practical tips and makeup tricks from one of the best makeup artists of the world I'd say. Absolute must for people who like to enhance their look.”
Essential Makeup
“Learning a lot”
Gina S
Candid Photography
“This was the second course I have done with you. I find the quality of content amazing and very clear to see and also done at a pace you can take notes down too. Also affordable too - I own my own business so pay for all of my training. Thank you again! It was amazing! Please do some more! Claudia x”
Claudia Carr
Essential Makeup
“Lately, I have been wanting to broaden my horizons and try new things. I am in my latter 50's and I know that if I want to keep my wits about me as I age, I need to be in a state of constantly learning new things. Therefore, I signed up, and am currently going through the Greg Williams Photography Skills module and the Alex Babsky Makeup Skills module. They are both very informative, and I am pleased with how both Greg and Alex make you feel as if you are having a one-on-one session with an expert who genuinely wants to help you hone your skills. I highly recommend the Skillsfaster platform, for it's ease of use and quality of content. It has allowed me to expand my skills on my time and at the pace that I am most comfortable with.”
Carla Brown
multiple courses
“I love Greg's approach of photography. He has genuine mentoring skills and spreads a strong motivation to jump to the next level. I have followed several live and online courses during my 50 years of amateur practice (studio light, composition, street photography, weddings, portraits etc) and this is honestly the first course I follow where every minute of advice is a gem. He's been able to condense years of practice into short courses where essential skills are intelligently taught. Kudos and many thanks Greg !”
Michel C. Switzerland
Professional Photography
“Great content. Very helpful information. Would like to learn more about the conversation that goes on to open ppl up. Thanks so much!”
Jeff Seely
Candid Photography

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